“If you go Mac you never go back” Apple’s biggest lie…

If you’re an Apple user or have friends who do you’ve probably heard the line “If you go Mac you never go back” at some point. I am going to discuss that argument and explain some of the reasons consumers leave Apple’s ecosystem everyday.

FOMA: Fear of missing out

This statement has been spread by consumers alone to create the fear of missing out. People will buy Apple products because they do not want to miss out on experiences with their friends and family. From the iPhone, to the iPad, to the Mac, Apple creates something that hardware alone cannot do unique experiences through software. Whether these are good or bad for consumers is a topic of debate. It’s created a cult-like mindset amongst its users which is not productive or healthy. It also attacks the rest of the industry for the sole-purpose of switching everyone to the Mac ecosystem.

Apple gives users limited hardware choices that cannot meet all use cases

I’m what you may call a power-user. I write software for a living and as a result many of the tools I use do not run well on the Mac’s limited hardware. Aside from buying a Mac Pro, you have low-performance Intel processors designed to give consumers a good battery life over raw compute power. This is a balanced approach which is great for users who want to use their devices for social media, video streaming, and simple office tasks. It begins to fail when you have more complex tasks that require more powerful processors and graphics cards such as video editing and rendering. And while it’s improved over the past several years the Mac line of computers by design are not ready to provide a pleasant gaming experience.

Unfortunate misconceptions that consumers have

The most common misconception I here when recommending that people buy a Microsoft Windows device is that it’s vulnerable to viruses. While it is true that Microsoft Windows is a more popular target for malware developers, you can get a virus on a Mac. Here’s a helpful list of recent viruses targeting the Mac ecosystem of products. There have been several recent advances to Microsoft Windows that improve it’s security and protect its users from malware. There’s also the misconception that Windows computers are very slow. Older ones can be when too much is running but modern processors can handle larger workloads and Windows users can buy more expensive processors to handle larger more compute intensive workloads.

Users do and will go back away from Mac

Due to growing needs I use Windows computers more than I use Mac computers. It’s sad to see that consumers have created what equates to a stigma when Mac users consider going back to Windows machines. From video production, to gaming, to systems programming, there are a lot of tasks Mac is not an ideal platform for and people leave the Mac all the time for platforms that more meet their needs. Saying “you never go back” isn’t true, as often you do or at least adopt an additional platform for certain tasks.

Why address this line? Why not leave Apple users who say this be?

I write this article as I heard today someone say “If you go Mac you never go back” today, the line itself creates misconceptions, is wrong, and is somewhat infuriating. People should be free to use the devices they love and no one should stop them, this includes Apple users wanting to use Apple devices. This said: I want to see peer pressure for people to switch platforms to go away.